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CS Electronics and Technologies stands at the forefront of electronic component distribution in India. Renowned for an extensive product spectrum, we offer active, passive, electro-mechanical, and optoelectronic solutions. With an unwavering commitment to customer success, we specialise in cost-effective BOM management, direct factory support, and seamless sourcing alignment, ensuring unparalleled industry credibility.

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Our Products

Explore our top-tier distribution, sourcing premier electronic components globally. Reliability, authenticity, and seamless connectivity define our brand.

Masterful Components

Explore top-tier electronic components from industry leaders: Master Electronics, Littlefuse, Phoenix Contact, Molex, Souriau, and Mini-Circuit.

Global Sourcing Expertise

Outsource with confidence worldwide. Certified White Horse partner, supporting online catalogs like Digikey, Mouser, Arrow, and more.

Our Services

The Best Electronic Services

BOM Customisation

Tailored tools from our diverse range ensure excellence in BOM customisation.

Obsolescence Management

Excelling in tracking and managing manufacturers' obsolescence-uninterrupted operations.

Cost-Efficient BOM

Aiding superiorly in continuous competitive pricing, our focus is on cost efficiency.

Lead-Time Optimisation

Stocking components based on projections reduces lead time, aligning with customer roadmaps.

Equivalent Suggestions

Our expert team offers direct and functional equivalents, carefully selected for optimal solutions.

Harnessing Solutions

Benefit from cost-effective connector, wire, and cable solutions, maximising cost and operational efficiency.

Comprehensive PCB Services

Providing turnkey solutions, including layout, fabrication, assembly, stencilling, and component sourcing for PCB services

Connector, Wire And Cable Harnessing

Benefitting our customers to gain maximum cost and operations efficiency,

BOM Cost Reduction

Aiding our customers superiorly to achieve continuous competitive prices.,

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Customised Component Solutions

Explore excellence in BOM customisation, obsolescence management, and cost-efficient strategies for unparalleled electronic component solutions.

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 Mastering BOM Customisation: Tailored...

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Navigating Obsolescence: Uninterrupted Operations...

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Cost-Efficiency Focus: Aiding Your Competitive Edge

Cost-Efficiency Focus: Aiding Your...

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 Mastering BOM Customisation: Tailored Excellence Solutions

Dive into the world of BOM customisation, where our diverse range of tailored tools ensures unparalleled excellence. Explore how these tools, carefully selected and fine-tuned, cater to specific needs, offering a level of customisation that goes beyond the ordinary. Discover the impact of such tailored excellence on optimising processes, reducing costs, and enhancing overall efficiency in electronic component management.

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